About Us

With the drive for success and over 25 years experience working in various industrial and equipment industries, Doug Coughlin set out to become the Canadian distributor of Ikusi radio and control systems. After much time, CIRC is now able to offer added value to its customers including attention, efficiency and reliability to products and services.

Our Mission

CIRC is committed to providing quality and excellence to its clients through a variety of techniques. Our mission is the frame work that encompasses our goals for success and maintains our focus on our number one priority - ensuring satisfaction regarding the products we offer, the services we provide and the extra mile we will take. We take pride in our four techniques:

  • Quality

    Our product line holds value through its durability and customization.

  • Service

    We take priority to ensure the products you need are reliable and safe.

  • Attention

    Time is not just a word; we create it - for you.

  • Knowledge

    Learning never ends and we are committed to facilitating training, answering questions and educating you on the right product for the right project.

Our Future

CIRC continually researches new product innovations and applications to meet the demanding needs of the ever changing industries. With building a strong reputation, CIRC now strives to become the leading distributor of radios & controls in North America.

Join Our Team

CIRC is looking for potential sales agencies and/or distributors that have a drive for success! Become a part of a growing force for industrial remote controls. If you have an interest or current client database with a need or potential need for these products, please contact us at sales@can-irc.com for further information.

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